The right chuck for every application.

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All products of the ActivePro brand are VLOG certified

  • Efficient 2-100
    Crumbled all-around prestarter
    Lys1.17 % V. E150 mg/kg
    Ca0.50 % P0.57 %
  • Efficient 3-40
    The perfect balance between safety and performance
    Lys2.44 % V. E250 mg/kg
    Ca1.20 % P0.80 %
  • Ferkel NP
    Using N/P-reduced feeding for your piglets? No problem!
    Lys12.00 % V. E3000 mg/kg
    Ca16.00 % P3.00 %
  • FerkelStar
    A real star for safe piglet rearing.
    Lys10.00 % V. E3000 mg/kg
    Ca17.00 % P3.00 %
  • F/S/M Pur
    Mineral feed for high safety in organic pig production
    V. E4000 mg/kg
    Ca24.00 % P5.00 %
  • Libero
    The all-rounder for organic pig farming
    V. E4000 mg/kg
    Ca24.00 % P5.00 %
  • Active 2-100
    Mealy prestarter for the best start
    Lys1.20 % V. E150 mg/kg
    Ca0.50 % P0.50 %
  • Active 3-50
    Crumbled weaning supplement for high performance
    Lys2.11 % V. E200 mg/kg
    Ca1.00 % P0.70 %
  • FerkelProfi
    The mineral feed for professionals in piglet rearing
    Lys11.00 % V. E3300 mg/kg
    Ca15.00 % P3.50 %
  • Premiumstart
    Tasty treat for suckling pigs
    Lys1.38 % V. E150 mg/kg
    Ca0.60 % P0.48 %
  • Safe 3-100
    Highly effective against diarrhoea during weaning
    Lys1.08 % V. E150 mg/kg
    Ca0.50 % P0.50 %
  • Megajoule
    Energy kick for your pigs
    V. E500 mg/kg
  • MycoBond
    Your weapon against mycotoxins and endotoxins
    V. E10000 mg/kg
    Ca6.30 %
  • PiggiMil
    Just like mum makes it - milk replacer for piglets
  • ProtecTail
    For calming tail-biting problems and necrosis
    Ca4.00 %
  • ProteinMix
    Protein shake for your pigs
    Lys4.20 %
  • SuperCell
    The best intestinal health guaranteed
  • VitaPilot
    “Relieve the stress – and everything will work out!”
  • Desan
    Your asset in barn hygiene
  • TriplexS
    Acid combination with triple action
  • VitalTrunk
    High-quality electrolytes and energy for piglets and sows