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Success Story

Andreas Kornmann is a sow farmer in the Vogelsbergkreis in Hesse

The farm

  • 500 sows
  • about 15.000 piglets
  • per year

The usage

  • since 2019 sows in the farrowing pen get VitaPilot
  • Dosage: 130 g VitaPilot® per animal/day
  • Duration: one week before birth until weaning

The goal

  • high feed intake
  • stable milk yield
  • healthy sows
  • uniformly developed piglets

The success

Since the use of VitaPilot® the sows in the farrowing pen have been taking up to half a kilogram more feed every day. A central effect is that the animals start the suckling phase fit and without digestive problems – their milk yield is correspondingly stable. All piglets are sufficiently supplied with milk and the litters develop evenly. Weaning weights today are about half a kilogram higher than before the use of VitaPilot®. In first place, this makes the piglets marketable faster and has positive effects for their rearing. After all, well-developed young animals show no performance gaps after weaning and start in the piglet pen without energy problems.


I am convinced of VitaPilot®. Because with this product I can build the foundation for the later performance in the piglet pen already in the farrowing house. I recommend the product to my colleagues because it increases the vitality of our piglets.“

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