ActivePro – economical and profitable into the future

It is getting harder and harder to make ends meet from year to year – what does the future hold? This is a question many farmers ask themselves. How can I feed more efficiently, economically and with an eye to the future? ActivePro provides a solution for all stages of production of a pig farm.

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What role does animal health play?

Animal health is one of the most important factors for operational success. This means good care and early detection of diseases are essential. At the same time, many diseases can be counteracted with the appropriate preventive measures. Feed can also be an essential cornerstone. Diseases mean costs that can be prevented. Only healthy animals can perform well and give their offspring an optimal start in life.

Why ActivePro?

Modern pig farms impose diverse and very specific demands on the products that are used as part of the farm’s own feeding strategy.

An excellent feed meets the performance requirements of the farm and enables simple and benefit-oriented application. It has a product composition based on modern scientific knowledge, is geared to current requirements and, last but not least, has an attractive price/performance ratio.

The new ActivePro brand is particularly geared to the needs of modern pig farms, enabling them to produce more economically and profitably.

Cutting-edge results of research and development are combined in ActivePro to form a product range that meets the needs of humans, animals and the environment equally.

The effect of ActivePro on animal health and performance

ActivePro mineral feeds make a significant contribution to the performance of your pigs and to keeping the herd healthy.

Metabolic relief

By relieving the metabolism, additional resources are available to the animal, which is reflected in increased biological performance. These positive effects are achieved through:

  • high amino acid content in mineral feed:

the addition of crystalline amino acids to the mineral feed renders these immediately available to the animal and means that they do not have to be metabolised by breaking down crude protein. This means that soya extraction meal, which is rich in crude protein and at the same time expensive, can be saved. The resources freed up by the metabolic relief enable the animal to perform better in terms of higher daily gains or better feed conversion, for example.

  • Addition of modern phytase

The use of a modern effective phytase ensures an optimal supply to the animal of digestible phosphorus from plant-derived phytin phosphorus. As a result, the mineral phosphorus content of the mineral feed is reduced. The animal is relieved by not having to excrete large quantities of this quantity element undigested. Phytin not only binds phosphorus, but also forms complexes with other minerals. These complexes are dissolved through the use of phytase. As a result, a better supply of minerals is guaranteed.

Needs-based supply

In addition to the supply of amino acids and minerals, ActivePro mineral feeds contain an excellent supply of vitamins and trace elements.

They lay the foundation for resilient animals and high performance.

ActivePro for every phase

1. Sow keeping/breeding

Healthy, efficient sows and constant piglet litters are not least the result of professional and performance-oriented feed. With our mineral feed range for breeding sows, we offer the solution for different performance goals in the gestation and suckling period.

the mineral feed for suckling sows

  • high weaning weights due to high milk yield
  • less suckling pig losses due to improved resistance
  • improved fertility and decreasing the rate of repeated breeding due to organically bound trace elements
  • Supply of large litters

the mineral feed for pregnant sows

  • large litters of piglets
  • uniform litters due to optimal supply of the piglets in the uterus
  • healthy sows and piglets due to balanced vitamin and mineral content and Protectin®.

2. Piglet rearing

Learning to eat and digest

The cornerstone for successful piglet rearing and thus for homogenous, fast-growing and vital piglets is the trouble-free development of piglets already in the suckling phase. The weaning phase, in which milk, the previous main source of feed for piglets, has been eliminated, is of central importance for the piglets. From this point on, piglets must be able to take in and digest optimal amounts of solid feed. The aim of good piglet feeding is to give piglets optimal preparation for the difficult period during the change in feed: This includes both learning how to eat feed and training the digestive tract.

Whether in flour form or crumbs: With their tasty composition, the ActivePro Prestarters make an important contribution to promoting feed intake in this early phase and getting piglets used to the intake of solid feed. The following guide values give an indication of the supplementary feed intake during the suckling period:

👉2.1 Prestarter and weaning feed

At the time of weaning, the piglets’ digestive tract is not yet fully developed and is therefore very sensitive. Insufficient stomach acid production and reduced enzyme activity can lead to digestive disorders. That is why the promotion of the digestive tract and intestinal health is a particular focus of the ActivePro Prestarter and weaning feed.

  • Highly digestible starch and protein sources
  • Low crude protein and calcium carbonate contents for a low acid binding capacity
  • Optimal acidity
  • High dietary fibre content

All these properties ensure a high level of gastrointestinal health and promote the optimal development of the digestive tract.

AlphaPLUS Active:
generates a high feed intake and gains

Satisfied farmers who use the Active 2-100 confirm this:

  • Feed intake with Active 2 – 100 is significantly higher than before
  • very good acceptance and feed intake
  • higher weaning weights
  • Feed intake through feeding mash significantly increased

Alpha Efficient:
receives a good feed intake and good gains

Customers who usea Efficient 2-100 report the following:

  • crumbled Prestarter runs well in automatic feeders
  • attractively priced
  • Piglets eat very well and develop optimally
  • no diarrhoea

AlphaPLUS Safe:
helps with diarrhoea problems in the weaning phase

Statements about Safe 3-100:

  • no more diarrhoea problems in the weaning phase
  • always used to have problems with oedema. Now it works smoothly
  • Losses have fallen significantly

Goals of Active/ Efficient/ Safe 

👉2.2 The 4 phases of piglet rearing

PHASE 1 Milk drinks for piglets

PHASE 2 Supplementary feed to sow’s milk

PHASE 3 Transition to solid feed

PHASE 4 Piglet rearing

👉 2.3 N-/P-reduced piglet feeding

The tightening of the Fertiliser Ordinance has reduced the permissible nitrogen and phosphate components within the nutrient balance in many places. In order to still meet the animals’ requirements and to produce without compromising the performance, N-/P-reduced feeding is a crucial lever. Ferkel NP is a mineral feed for N-/P-reduced or strongly N-/P-reduced piglet feeding. The modern product concept ensures maximum feed compatibility and nutrient availability:

  • 4 essential amino acids
  • Balanced mineral and vitamin content
  • Live yeast
  • Addition of NSP cleaving enzymes
  • Organically bound copper, zinc, manganese and iron

3. Fattening

The ActivePro mineral feeds with their equipment make a significant contribution to the performance of your fattening pigs and to keeping the herd healthy.

Metabolic relief

By relieving the metabolism, additional resources are available to the animal, which is reflected in increased biological performance.

Needs-based supply

In addition to the supply of amino acids and minerals, ActivePro mineral feeds contain an excellent supply of vitamins and trace elements. They lay the foundation for resistant animals and high performance.

An overview of the ActivePro mineral feeds can be found in the table below:

What are the advantages of ActivePro?

  • significantly increased feed intake
  • very good acceptance and palatability
  • higher weaning weights
  • attractive price
  • no diarrhoea problems thanks to high tolerance
  • significantly reduced piglet losses

What experiences have farmers had with ActivePro?

I have been using Premiumstart for about half a year. The newborn piglets are fed the product from the third to the tenth day of life as piglet milk and then fed dry feed. Especially with very large litters, this also provides relief for the sows. The milk replacer is tasty and very well tolerated. The little piglets are fit and vital when they eat Premiumstart. They grow well, have a healthy, light coat and seldom suffer from diarrhoea. Premiumstart is easy to handle and supports a healthy start to piglet life.

Mrs Friedrich from Vierlinden OT Worin (1000 breeding sows)

I have been using Active 3-50 consistently for about 9 months and overall I am very satisfied with this feed. When we started using Active 3-50 we weighed the piglets and determined average daily gains of approx. 400 g from weaning until 3 weeks after weaning. The feed intake in the weaning phase is very good and we hardly need any medication for piglet rearing!

Markus Overwaul in Billerbeck (280 sows)

To reduce the occurrence of weaning diarrhoea, we feed our sucking pigs Safe 3-100. We offer the complete feed to the young animals from the last week of their suckling period until at least five to seven days after weaning. They get the feed dry in troughs. Since we have been using Safe 3-100, there have been significantly fewer problems with weaning diarrhoea. As a result, the piglets require treatment less frequently. The product gives us treatment security, helps to save costs for medical care and above all is good for animal health. Healthy piglets are always the foundation for optimal rearing performance. We support this later with our own feed mixtures – which include, for example, the weaning supplement Efficient 3-40.

Andreas Emmerich in Kirchhain-Burgholz (300 breeding sows)

Why is ActivePro sustainable?

Trade, society and politics increasingly determine the framework conditions of production. The ActivePro mineral feeds are specially designed to meet these requirements and are characterised by high quality.

Environmental relief

The reduction of nitrogen and phosphate balances as a result of the reform of the Fertiliser Ordinance has aggravated the situation for many pig farmers. The biggest leverage for pig farmers is N-/P-reduced feed. As a result, less nitrogen and phosphate content in the liquid manure can be calculated within the nutrient balance.

The use of ActivePro fattening mineral feed with high amino acid contents reduces the soya requirement and thus also the crude protein content in the feed. This reduces N excretion. The high phytase content in the mineral feed ensures better utilisation of the bound phosphorus in the grain. As a result, mineral phosphorus in the feed can be saved or even avoided – the phosphate content in the manure is reduced.

GMO-free feed

Trade increasingly demands products from GMO-free production.

All ActivePro mineral feeds carry the VLOG seal and are therefore demonstrably suitable for GMO-free feeds. By using our mineral feeds, they are well equipped to meet current and future economic and social demands.

Product overview for ActivePro

ActivePro offers sustainable products for every phase of pig farming:

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